Noble Bullion Founder Appears on Discovery Channel’s Hit Series Gold Rush

Jason Otteson, who is featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush during the second season, is the founder of Noble Mining. He was formerly the leader of one of the largest online precious metals companies. He now leads Noble Mining towards a global bullion endeavor concentrating and expanding to Bullion VIP, Mining, and Prospecting. Jason has experience in various aspects of the precious metals industry. He was invited to be a investor on the show due to his years of experience in the industry.

Should You Buy Bullion?

Everyone is advising to buy gold or silver these days, but the two most common question investors have is, “what should I buy (paper or physical, and if physical, what product)?” and “could the government confiscate it again?”  These and other crucial precious metals investing questions are answered in the free investor kit which you can get when you sign up for Newsletter.

VIP Service

Noble Bullion can refer you to the best sources for precious metals or they can handle the buying process providing VIP services for investors making orders over $50K.  The VIP service includes special quantity discounts that have already been negotiated for Noble Bullion clients. Request more information about our VIP service.

Prefer to Strike it Rich?

For those who have interest in finding gold and striking it rich, there’s never been a better time.  The opportunity still exists to find gold, and with prices at all time highs; it makes the reality of a huge payoff even more feasible.  Whether you’re interested in using some vacation time to try your panning skills, or you’re looking to turn an investment in a mine into a potential cash (or gold) cow, the prospector page contains valuable information that has been gathered from many different sources.

Do You Want to Invest in the Business of Mining Gold?

Participating through Purchase, loan, investment, and stocks in gold mining ventures and companies may be best way to participate in this boom market.  There is a Rush towards opening and buying all known resources since the process to extract Gold has improved with technology and the prices of Gold have skyrocketed.  Sign up for a contact—Sign up to be contacted about the qualifications and opportunities in the mining market.

The Noble Mining Blog

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