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The following products are the most common bullion products to purchase in the U.S marketplace.  There are several numismatic products that are too numerous to list.   In order to have a product liquidity and recognition., we recommend choosing from these coins and bars to make your bullion investments.


United States Gold Eagle

Austrian Gold Philharmonics

Mexican Gold Peso

United States Gold Buffalo

South African Gold Krugerrands

Australian Gold Lunar

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs

Chinese Gold Pandas

Australian Gold Nuggets & Kangaroos

Gold Bars & Ingots

Other Gold Bullion


American Eagle Silver Coin

Canadian Maple Leaf

US 90% Silver Coins

Austrian Silver Philharmonic

Chinese Panda Silver

Silver Bars

Mexican Silver Libertad

US 40% Silver Coins

Other Silver Bullion


Canadian Platinum Maple

American Platinum Eagles

Australian Platinum Koalas

Chinese Platinum Pandas

Platinum Bars & Rounds


Canadian Palladium Maple

Palladium Bars & Rounds

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Mining solutions with a vision for future value:

Mine Consulting
Bullion Investing
Mine Investment

Noble Mining brings services and information to serve your precious metal investor’s needs with Bullion Investing and Mining Opportunities.


Noble Mining is located in Austin, TX.

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