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At Noble we know that people need different service. There is not one service designed for everyone. Due to this fact and the overwhelming volume of orders, we ask that you look at the DIFFERENCE and choose accordingly? We look forward to your business!

Noble Bullion VIP

Noble Bullion has developed two ways to handle most everyone’s bullion investing needs. The recommended program for large volume investors is the VIP service. This will deliver white glove service, while not elevating cost to customer.  The value in this VIP model is unsurpassed.  We know there can be stress and confusion in this endeavor, and we at Noble Bullion strive to serve and deliver a stress free experience.  This service is designed for larger orders over $50,000.  This allows us to give you exceptional VIP service only to be found at  If you desire to order in smaller quantities, there will be a marginal advisory fee associated with your order.

VIP Features:

  • VIP Discount based on volume
  • Personalized Care
  • Priority Response
  • Communication and availability
  • Personal Gold Agent
  • White Glove logistics process
  • Inside Industry information
  • VIP Newsletter
  • Suggested minimum $50,000.

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