Weights, Measures & Karats

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1 troy ounce=1.097 ordinary ounces
1 troy ounce=480 grains
1 troy ounce=31.1 grams
1 troy ounce=20 dwt (pennyweight)
18.2291 dwt=1 ordinary ounce
1 troy pond=12 troy ounces
1000 troy ounces=31.3 kilograms
1 gram=.03215 troy ounces
1 kilogram=32.15 troy ounces
1 ton=32,150 troy ounces
1 ordinary ounce=.9115 troy ounces
1 ordinary pound=14.58 troy ounces

Fineness and Karat Weight

  Percent Gold  European System  Karat System
   100%   1000 fine   24 karat
   91.7%   917 fine   22 karat
   75.0%   750 fine   18 karat
   58.5%   585 fine   14 karat
   41.6%   416 fine   10 karat
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