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Noble Mining is a catalyst to the mining industry and helps navigate and explore promising investment opportunities in the precious metals industry. Precious metals are essential tools for wealth preservation. These tools, once held in low regard have once again taken on a prominent role in planning for diversification. However, just like any tool, without the right understanding and training the opportunity could be dangerous. There are companies selling gold. There are mining companies with traded stocks. There are prospecting companies offering maps and equipment. One thing is missing: A TRUSTED EXPERT. Noble Mining’s Jason Otteson is your trusted expert.

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Mining solutions with a vision of future value.

Our Mission

To glorify God as we supply our customers with clarity and knowledge in the various market segments within the Precious Metals Industry with Noble Character being the standard by which business and success is achieved.

Noble Mining brings services and information to serve your precious metal investor’s needs with Mining, Bullion Investing and Mining Opportunities.


Our Location

Noble Mining is located in Austin, TX.

Noble does not store metals on site for security reasons. We fulfill bullion transactions through trusted third parties. The VIP service is a system in which we utilize industry relationships and cooperative buying to deliver the best available pricing opportunities.

Our current operations are in :

Alaska and California.

Our team


  • Extensive Experience in Bullion Distribution
  • Many years in Bullion investing, his Bullion investments have brought success to many clients.

With over 28 years of business experience, Mr. Otteson is a seasoned executive with demonstrated success in business development, operational execution, international commerce, fundraising, strategic financing, and marketing through various industries such as precious metals, licensed sports products, distribution, real estate, TV entertainment production and medical technologies, the culmination of which has led to high level transactional experience in mergers, acquisitions, and public offerings. To Mr. Otteson, the precious metals industry is more than another business; he sees this as a stable harbor for himself, family, friends and clients in this current economic storm.

Mr. Otteson was featured on the second and third seasons of the Discovery Channel show, “Gold Rush.” Mr. Otteson is the founder of Noble Mining, Inc., an Austin, Texas based company that advises its clients on navigating investments in the mining and precious metals industry. Prior to founding Noble Mining, he was a leader of a large precious metals investment firm. Previously, Mr. Otteson was the CEO of Sportan United Industries, Inc., where he led the firm through an IPO and a successful acquisition. Mr. Otteson is an entrepreneur at heart and has broad expertise with several companies across various industries.  Mr. Otteson has founded Momentous, (a College Adventure Ministry)   Mr. Otteson is a founding partner in Austin Entertainment Ventures which is a full-service entertainment company. 

Mr. Otteson served as a director and CEO of Ensurge, Inc. (OTC: ESGI,) a publicly traded mineral exploration and development company in Guyana, South America. Otteson continues to offer his support and expertise to help advance Ensurge. 

Mr. Otteson is a member of: National Eagle and Angels, American Management Association, American Marketing Association, RNC, NRA, Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, CCA, North American Hunting Club, Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship, SFASU Alumni, and a Life Loyal Sigma Chi. Mr. Otteson also volunteers his time to area Young Life Committee. Mr. Otteson received his Bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Marketing and Finance in 1996.


Mr. Garrett has spent the last 25 years blending his marketing and management background with the legal profession. He is an attorney who specializes in utilizing sound business practices to improve the efficiency and production of his clients’ operations. One highlighted recent endeavor was building a new division of his former law firm from 1 employee to over 200, which included a revenue growth from $30K to over $50M.  He met on a regular basis with his clients to understand their revenue enhancement issues and went so far as to represent them at the State Legislature to improve laws that directly benefited his clients and the State’s taxpayers.

Mr. Garrett has represented both public and private entities across the U.S. as well as individuals in Texas during his career.  He managed clients in many western states from his firm’s Arizona office from 2003 – 2008. His family fought in the Texas Revolution and he attended Texas A&M University (B.B.A in 1992) and South Texas College of Law (J.D. 1995).


Jay Richardson is a management and operational executive with experience in large non-profit organizations and small businesses.  He has a proven track record leading teams and executing strategies to accomplish desired results.  Jay’s executional success is an integral part of Noble Mining and strengthens the future of strategic opportunities.


Trivium Strategic Capital is an industry agnostic private investment firm that provides financing and advisory services to operating companies located within the United States. Trivium’s management team has extensive Executive Leadership, Merger and Acquisition, Corporate Finance, and Operating experience across multiple industries.

Leading the way

Mining solutions with a vision for future value:

Mine Consulting
Bullion Investing
Mine Investment

Noble Mining brings services and information to serve your precious metal investor’s needs with Bullion Investing and Mining Opportunities.


Noble Mining is located in Austin, TX.

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