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Opportunities Exist in Many Areas of the Globe for Mining Investments

  • Hard Rock
  • Placer
  • Various/miscellaneous

There are several ways to invest in mining opportunities:

  • Purchase
  • Stock
  • JV
  • Partnership
  • LOAN (secured or unsecured)
  • Purchase metals at discount for future delivery

For many years the Gold and Silver mines have not been in production due to metal prices and cost of mining not resulting in a net profit.  Today, these factors have changed and many mothballed mines are now being opened.

In fact, the current market is perfect for this since there are known resources that have been on hold until such an economic and profitable correlation.  The Major companies are going after the largest and most profitable opportunities.  The smaller 200,000 to 500,000 ounce gold -opportunities have not all been acquired or opened as of yet, and remain open in the market for the right investors and groups. This similar reality was experienced in the domestic oil production when prices began to soar.

Facts to Consider for Mining Investment

    • Placer gold mines which earlier could not be developed with economic viability due to relatively low grade of gold or due to the fact that fine gold, constituting the major fraction of gold had to be extracted with chemical methods.  Today, modern technologies and machines using water and power may extract small particles of gold effectively, and prices of precious metals stimulate developing of mines with relatively low grade of precious metals.
    • Some small mining companies do not have sufficient funding sources to finance development of many very well explored precious metals mining projects, based on small and medium size mines.  These situations with appropriate due diligence can prove to be very profitable.
    • Funding required for gold mining projects could be low because many mines are turnkey, often even with equipment installed. There are some mining claims available where geological reports are impressive, reserves are well proven and permitting is done already.

At Noble Mining, we target mining projects ranging from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000. Each prospect presents a different set of opportunities and we seek to structure transactions to yield the highest return on our investment while providing the greatest financial security.

We engage all of our personnel to conduct an extensive due diligence investigation with respect to candidates and consider operational, financial, regulatory environmental and other factors before proceeding with an investment. Among other attributes we deem critical in making an investment decision, a target must:

• have historically indicated or proven in-ground mineral resources that we can validate through our geological due diligence, test sampling and drilling programs;
• provide us with the ability to produce revenue from the mining and sale of precious metals within 12 months of our investment or acquisition;
• possess a seasoned mining management team in place, and, if not, then we must be able to negotiate the ability to substitute quality personnel;
• be located within a favorable regulatory and geo-political environment that will not negatively affect production potential;
• have operational permitting in place, or that we obtain to commence production within 12 months of investment;
• in the case of investments, provide us the opportunity to obtain a security interest in the target’s assets.

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