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According to the U.S. Geological Survey only about 15% of America’s gold has been found. With equipment, knowledge, and zeal, today’s prospector is able to search for the remaining 85%.

You don’t need to have a mule today to become a successful prospector.  “Just find it”

In times of need, courageous people sought to make there own destinies by searching for Gold.  In today’s marketplace, you would assume that everyone experiencing the drudgery of the economy would be prospecting.   This might be the case if people were informed of the opportunity. Not only does it still exist, the times we live in make it less of an endeavor to participate.  These factors have changed since the last Gold Rush:

  • Transportation
  • Accessibility
  • Metal Detectors
  • Gold Exploration Equipment
  • Online Research and Collaboration
  • Mining Equipment (sluicing)
  • Mapping, PS, Digital Topographical
  • Improved Gold Pan Technology
  • Maps to Locations
  • Clubs to Have Access to Claims and Fellowship in the Pursuit

There is a new GOLD RUSH happening once again with men and woman equipped with the right knowledge and equipment!  Why would they not journey to the outdoors to enjoy time exploring for gold?  Are you one of these?




GPAA Membership Kit with 2012 Mining Guide


Whether you’re taking the family camping and want to add some additional excitement, or you want to get a couple of your buddies and go for the mother load, Noble Mining can help you plan your trip and find the resources you need.

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