Bullion Update

GOLD:  165.00
SILVER: 31.99
Bullion has had tumultuous two weeks.  We have seen quantitative easing coming from the Bank of England. The US dollar has gained in strength.  The Greek and the Euro situation has everyone concerned if the dominoes will fall one after another.

This uncertainty has stabilized the precious metals marketplace and we have seen a run to metals as a safe haven once again.

It appears that we have found some floors since the last unwinding of equity and commodities market.  Are we ready for another ride up?

Who really knows in this economic market?  For this very reason, metals are a favorite of mine.

Today’s Jobless Claims were better than expected seem to indicate that tomorrow’s final Unemployment numbers may continue the trend of positive results for the US of late.  Lets hope and pray that we some economic stability return.

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