Gold Rush

I just returned from a mining/ Investor conference in New Orleans.  There were 100+ companies presenting and displaying the opportunities around the world.  The attendance at this show was half of the previous year.  I wonder why there is less interest in the current year about investing in mining stocks?  Could be a number of factors:

  • Everyone is waiting for the elections to pan out?
  • The mining industry is too confusing and big for most investors to get comfortable?
  • Or people do not believe mining is a worthwhile endeavor for their capital any longer?

I tend to believe that the junior miner market is too uncomfortable for most.  Most of the companies sound the same, and pitch the same opportunity with the crazy stock cycles.  How does a mining company stand out from the rest?   I think the pure answer to this is production.  Find a company that is near production or near production and you will have a return.

The Gold Rush team is launching the premiere tonight on the Discovery Channel!  I have had such a good time with these guys this past year.  I wish them well!   My showing should be on air tonight on the offeseason segment.  The show starts at 7:00 PM central time.  I will keep everyone posted as the season progresses.   I can only talk about things that have happened on air.  Since the mining season is over—-I cannot talk about most of it until seen.  I do encourage you to watch.  I think it will be very entertaining.

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