The Union Divided


The markets have cast their vote this week to the election. Gold and silver have made expected gains as many fear an Obama economy to propel gold to new highs because of an inflated dollar.

The nearest fear is the upcoming “fiscal cliff!”   The Congressional Budget Office has gone so far as to predict that, should the U.S. go over the edge, the economy could see a drop in GDP of .5% and unemployment over 9% by the end of next year.   This along with Bush tax breaks will likely drive the investment community to look towards shelter as the year ends.

Where to place our investments?   I think the answer is precious metals.   I think the safest place to be is away from the dollar until more stability returns, if it returns.  I cannot say how high it will go, but I will project that it will not crash as long as worldwide economic fundamentals remain the same.

I believe the highest gains in the next years will come from a select number of mining companies.   The miner stocks have lagged and many have awoken to this reality to shift the companies towards directions their investors are wanting to go.  This direction is to yield and production.  Long gone are the days of raising money, spending money, drilling, reserving, and the cycle starts again.  The new investment world wants production and will demand it!

Many of you were in awe this week as the election process unfolded.  There are some that feel the election was rigged or other claims to a conspiracy of sorts.  All these things are possible I suppose.  The one certain fact is that we are a nation divided ideologically to the core.  I have never seen such a chasm of beliefs and vision.  I speculate this must of been the temperament of the population prior to the Civil War.   We are now entering into a climate where half (population) of the country does not feel represented in beliefs about where to nation is going.  This half is now wondering what is next?  What event or chain of events will heal this divided UNION?  I pray that you all have a good weekend and know that God is always in control!

I will be traveling this week looking at several mining projects.  My next report will come from Washington state.

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